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So, here we have our first little 420 grow journal, a reenactment of what I have learned and achieved since I started growing back around 2015.

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Date / Time: 2024-01-31 / 11:00

To kick off my Voodoo Botany and Noobs Helping Noobs projects, I am going to do a cannabis grow journal featuring two half breed strains, aka Lites. By the end of this journal, if you are engaging in the experience and leveling system I am developing for this hobby, you should be able to claim Level 2 as a grower for 2 different strains, with at least 2 bonafide name and claims of your own. And if you are leveling both a Sativa and an Indica (ruderalis will come on the scene in later journals), you should be able to claim Level 1 in cannabis in general, as my specifications I am working on require at least 1 Sativa and 1 Indica brought to L:1 specifications, plus a third of any primary subclass (sativa, indica, ruderalis, or hybrid). I am decreeing autoflower strains a subclass as well, but we will call them a secondary subclass and will come into play at more advanced levels. Since this journal will entail actually growing and breeding, it will cover at least 2, possibly 3 growing seasons (unless I manage to have some success on indoor bucket grows, then perhaps a slightly shorter time frame.) Our subjects are Bitter Sweet Pie Lite and Bubblegum Lite.

They are also half siblings, their pure Bitter Sweet Pie and Bubblegum mother plants having been pollinated by the same Birthday Cake Lite boy, which came from a pure Birthday Cake that was pollinated by one of my own Wildling-00:2019 boys, which itself came from a Tardis Lite girl and Sour Banana Sherbert Lite boy, opportunity seeds found in purchased bags of Tardis and Sour Banana Sherbert respectively back in 2018.

This journal's ultimate objective is to re-create and document the procedures and processes I used to create my first Wildling seeds, followed by my first actual name and claim; which happened with the 2023 harvest (and a couple others on the way come next harvest). Since the seeds I started with were Lites, meaning simply a known half breed, that is where I will be starting this journal. My first short term objective is to get one of each seed grown out to what I call Level:0 specifications; with a healthy looking crown and at least two nodes, aka 2 levels of fan leaves, like this specimen of Bitter Sweet Pie Lite, for example...

At that point, your plant should be on the road to survival, and can even be sexed. In fact, come 22:00 tonight (2024-02-01) I am going to start it on its first 14 hours of dark, which has become my standard for forcing flowering, and get it sexed. If the above ends up being a girl, it will get promoted to S:00 and actually become the primary for the Bitter Sweet Pie Lite main grow. If it ends up being a boy, then it gets tagged for the breeding part of the project. There is also a small chance that one of the 4 I started yesterday (2024-01-31 / 11:10) could end up being the primary, if that S:03 ends up being a boy. Likewise, one of the 4 Bubblegum Lites just started could also conceivably become the BG Lite primary. That, by the way, is the second objective for this journal, a full (and hopefully unseeded) grow of one Bitter Sweet Pie Lite and one Bubblegum Lite.

The third objective is propagation and breeding. And in fact, if this goes according to plan, We should have not 1, but 2 brand spanking new Wildlings; BSPLT(f)+BGLT(m) and BGLT(f)+BSPLT(m), which should each be only 1/4 of each named strain (aka Bubblegum and Bitter Sweet Pie). And once we have created the seeds and smoked the bud from the 2 lites, and then get the new seeds grown to L:0 specifications, we can actually claim Level 1 on both Bitter Sweet Pie and Bubblegum.

At this point, we should be wrapping up the first season and starting post season work, including starting the entire process over with at least 3, if not 4 each of the two new Wildling seeds. And if I can manage this properly, a fourth objective could conceivably be achieved before the start of the next season; and that is breeding sibling seeds from the Wildlings together to make a pure strain, aka a name and claim. And if I don't manage to achieve this in post season, then it will be a goal for next season. And at that point, we can claim Level 2 on both Bitter Sweet Pie and Bubblegum

But we are not done yet. Once we have our G:00 seeds, there will be a fifth objective of making feminized seeds from a couple G:00 plants, as well as breeding a pair of each to G:01. That will be the sixth objective. And then I think I will ultimately go ahead and do one last major objective before calling it good on this journal, and that will be breeding a pair of BSP Lite siblings back to a pure as well as a pair of BG Lites. By then, I should have suitable names for them, since I do not think it would be accurate to just call them Bitter Sweet Pie and Bubblegum, due to fully half of their lineages not being BSP or BG. I am going to call that the seventh objective, but it could happen at nearly any point in the grow.

Once they have sprouted and are ready to go into dirt, the first of each will be put in a Jiffy Pot and immediately put on the 14/10 Dark/Light cycle for the 33 Days thing (allegedly they can be sexed within 33 days or so if kept on a dark/light schedule that is typically for flowering for the first 10 days or so.) Second of each will also get a Jiffy Pot, but will be grown under normal vegetative lighting. Third of each gets a Pringles (or as I call them, unless they are Pringles; Not A Pringles Canisters) to grow up in. And the final of each will likely get a small Dollar Tree planter like the one that is about to get sexed is in.

And for what it's worth, here are some core stats on the two strains.

  • Name: Bitter Sweet Pie Lite
  • Subclass: Sativa Dominant
  • Mother Plant: Bitter Sweet Pie
  • Mother Plant SC: Sativa
  • Father Plant: Birthday Cake Lite
  • Father Plant SC: Hybrid Indica/Sativa - 50/50

  • Name: Bubblegum Lite
  • Subclass: Indica Dominant
  • Mother Plant: Bubblegum
  • Mother Plant SC: Indica
  • Father Plant: Birthday Cake Lite
  • Father Plant SC:Hybrid Indica/Sativa - 50/50

Date / Time: 2024-02-02 / 09:00

And here is the first update already. In just a tad under 48 hours, one of each has sprouted. The Bubblegum Lite is the one on the left, and BSP Lite on the right. I am expecting they will be ready to go into their Jiffy Pots and put under 14/10 lighting for 2 weeks to continue the Sexed in a Month experiment by Monday: 2024-02-05. That's all I have for now. Next post will likely be after the weekend when these get planted, unless more sprout before then, then the sproutings will of course get properly documented.

Time: 23:00

Even before the day is ended, the second Bubblegum Lite has sprouted, as of 23:00, making for a TTS of 60 hours. If the second Bitter Sweet Pie Lite is not sprouted by some time tomorrow, then the first two Bubblegum Lites will get planted in J-Pots come Monday as planned, with one going on a 14/10 cycle to start it flowered, effectively, and the other on the Wake Up to Bedtime veg lighting cycle. If the second BSP Lite does sprout tomorrow, then both of them as well as the Bubblegum Lites will get scheduled for a Wednesday planting together.

Date / Time: 2024-02-03 / 07:00

And as of this morning, the second Bitter Sweet Pie Lite has sprouted. Now we are on track for a Wednesday planting of the first 4, if not Thursday or Friday, We will see how they develop over the next few days.

Time: 13:00

The third Bitter Sweet Pie Lite has sprouted. And that one is the runt of the batch. I had it pegged as least likely to sprout. It is now most likely to go in either a Not A Pringles Canister if it's a boy and 5 gallon bucket if a girl.

TTS: 74 hours

Time: 21:00

And the 4th Bitter Sweet Pie Lite is now starting to sprout. Still no signs with the 3rd and 4th Bubblegum Lite yet.

Date / Time: 2024-02-06 / 07:00

The third Bubblegum Lite has finally sprouted. Still no signs of life on the 4th one. Once the first 2 are planted (and they are definitely ready now, and will get their J-Pots either today or tomorrow), I will start a replacement. Also looks like the first two are definitely ready for planting. That could happen today, or I may get lazy and wait until tomorrow.

TTS: 118 hours

Time: 11:00

I am going ahead and getting the first 2 each BSP Lite and Bubblegum Lite into their Jiffy Pots. The rest can wait a tad longer.

The pair up front will be going into a drawer for the next 2 weeks and be getting 14 hours of dark and 10 hours of light, while the other two grow up normal. So using a shishkabob skewer from Dollar Tree, we just bore a hole into the middle of the dirt (wiggle it around a bit to widen the hole, especially if the sprout's tap root is real long, which makes it a little less clumsy), carefully guide the taproot into the hole and gently tamp it down. Watering is not needed yet, since the dirt got moistened up plenty preparing the J-Pots. Those "popsicle" stick halves that I use as marking sticks are also from Dollar Tree. They call them crafting sticks.

I am also starting a 5th Bubblegum Lite, as I am guessing #4 there is not going to sprout. If it does, woohoo, another plant. If the replacement sprouts first, the little runt will be tossed out.

So there we have it for now, Bitter Sweet Pie Lite S:03 and Bubblegum Lite S:02 starting in the dark in flowering lighting cycle, and BSP Lite S:04 and BG Lite S:03 taking a spot in the south facing window in my room for the time being, at least until I find a better lighting spot for them or we get another string of nice enough weather to have them spend their days on the porch (coming in for the night, of course.) The 2 starting in flower cycle are starting with an extended initial dark period and will not see the light until noon tomorrow. Then they will be on the 14D/10L cycle.

Date / Time: 2024-02-07 / 11:00

The 3rd and 4th Bitter Sweet Pie Lite and the 3rd Bubblegum Lite have been planted.

BSP Lite S:05 went into a Not a Pringles canister, while S:06 took a small Dollar Tree Planter.

Bubblegum Lite S:04 went in a Not a Pringles canister.

And when we get Bubblegum Lite S:05, it too will get a Dollar Tree planter.

Date / Time: 2024-02-09 / 08:00

We now have a Bubblegum Lite S:05 sprouted, which was the one I started on 06-FEB, and the little runt has been discarded. Actually tossed it before realizing I needed to do a retake, as the first shots were blurred a bit too much.

Date / Time: 2024-02-15 / 10:00

Finally figured it was time to get Bubblegum Lite-S:05 planted...

So I did.

Time: 18:30

For the time being, S:03 has been redesignated S:00, as it is the most developed, and has spent the past 2 weeks under the flowering lighting cycle. Judging by how the Wildling:01 boys and the Feyleaf Lite girl revealed, this one should be showing its sex soon as it slowly goes back to vegetative state. I feel a high confidence that this one will be a girl, making it the Bitter Sweet Pie Lite primary for the upcoming main grow journal of the year: RPGJCN-2024:0.

Date / Time: 2024-02-16 / 12:00

The first Bitter Sweet Pie Lite and first Bubblegum Lite are now through their 10 days of 14D/10L flowering lighting and are back to wakey to bedtime veg lighting.

For now, they will get a spot atop the air conditioner in my room, in a south facing window. I'll find a better spot for them later. Now we see if they show their sex as they reveg...

Time: 2024-02-27 / 19:00

Bitter Sweet Pie Lite S:02 plain and simply broke while I was putting it to bed. It had been stretched out chasing the light, and there was a severe "kink" in the stem that looked like it would become a full fledged break with the lightest touch.

And it did. It was quite a shame too, since S:02 had one of the healthiest looking crowns of all the BSP Lites, and was likely about to start showing preflowers at the least.

Even though it will likely fail, I went ahead and gave the broken off crown a dose of Dip 'n Grow to see if it will root. And as is becoming tradition, I have started 2 fresh Bitter Sweet Pie Lite seeds as replacements for the one lost.

Date / Time: 2024-03-01 / 02:00

The first replacement Bitter Sweet Pie Lite seed has finally sprouted.

TTS: 55 hours

Time: 10:00

And the second replacement BSP Lite seed has sprouted.

TTS: 63 hours

Date: Time: 2024-03-04 / 16:20

Both replacement Bitter Sweet Pie Lites are ready for planting, and have been for at least a day.

The longest one gets the Not a Pringles Cannister that had the previous S:02. This gets to be S:02 until further notice.

The other goes on flowering lighting cycle 22:00-12:00.

And sadly, we say goodbye to the unsequenced Bitter Sweet Pie Lite that was struggling in a traditional flower pot down in the living room. Cause of death unknown, but most likely the cause was my carelessness and neglect.

Date: Time: 2024-03-05 / 12:00

The crown from the old BSP Lite S:02 failed to root after dipping the bleep out of it in Dip 'n Grow. I'm starting to wonder if that stuff is just snake oil, since everything I try with it fails.

Also, Bitter Sweet Pie Lite S:04, which has been struggling to grow up downstairs here for weeks has finally died on me. Not going to start any replacements yet. In fact, no more starts until the Purple Ghost Candy seeds from Seedsman arrive. At that point, I will do a head count of all the surviving plants I have from all projects, and determine then if I should get replacements going or just work with what I have until ready to start some mid season indoor/outdoor experiments.

Date: Time: 2024-03-08 / 16:20

Both replacement Bitter Sweet Pie Lites are ready for planting, and have been for at least a day.

Date: Time: 2024-03-14 / 12:00

The one Bitter Sweet Pie Lite that was on flowering lighting from planting on 03/04 is now on veg lighting and is enjoying some nice healthy sunshine on the porch today, along with S:05, which I didn't bother getting a picture of. I am expecting to get more of its siblings out there tomorrow.

And of course, you can always feel free to send an email my way with questions, suggestions, or whatever.

And remember; be excellent to each other, and party on!

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