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Alright, the main Feyleaf Journal is now the jump in point for another Noobs Helping Noobs grow. This is going to utilize the Feyleafs and Feyleaf Lites I already have going, plus some fresh ones that will be documented from seed to harvest and beyond, I hope.

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Date / Time: 2024-02-10 / 11:00

So far, I only have 2 each going, but intend to have at least 3 each to work with, if not more during the season.

First is the one I call Feyleaf. This came from a pair of Wildling-00:2019 siblings back in 2022 that did the dirty together (I'm calling it noble breeding, since that sounds nicer than the official term) And the Wildlings they came from were the result of two opportunity seeds found in bags of Tardis (female) and Sour Banana Sherbert (male) Since both seeds were opportunity seeds, pollinated by unknown males (frome henceforth to be known as mutts), I am declaring them half breeds, thus Tardis Lite and Sour Banana Sherbert Lite And going with my own standards I am working on and refining, basing off already current conventions and traditions, breeding the two Wildling siblings back together makes a "pure" strain, which triggers a name and claim, in this case, Feyleaf-Generation:00/2022. My two surviving FL-G:00 plants were designated S:20 and S:22, and I think I will keep up the sequence, and will likely start doing that eventually with other grows as well. S:20 is currently being sexed, put on a flowering lighting cycle of 14D/10L (14 hours dark and 10 hours light) starting last night at 22:00, so of course, it wakes up properly at noon. S:22 has been struggling a bit in its Jiffy Pot, but does still seem to be alive. It has been moved to the south facing window in my room, and will likely get put on 14/10 after S:20 is done. S:22 is going to need a replant soon too, since the J-Pot is starting to disintegrate at the bottom. Very likely, the Not a Pringles cannister that is its drip catcher will become its actual planter, J-Pot and all.
  • Name: Feyleaf
  • Subclass: Sativa Dominant
  • Mother Plant: Wildling-00:2019
  • Mother Plant SC: Sativa Dominant
  • Father Plant: Wildling-00:2019
  • Father Plant SC: Sativa Dominant
  • Grandmother Plant: Tardis Lite (Sativa Dominant)
  • Grandfather Plant: Sour Banana Sherbert Lite (Hybrid - Sativa Dominant)

And then we also have Feyleaf Lite, which is the offspring of a pure Feyleaf and a Birthday Cake Lite. The BC Lite came from a Birthday Cake plant my neighbor gave me before he moved out end of 2022, with two other Birthday Cakes and a Bubblegum. The two biggest Birthday Cakes got pollinated by the same Wildling-00:2019 boy that provided the pollen to make the G:00 Feyleaf plant. The taller of the two has already gone through the forced flowering and is now revegging. Early results show that this one is very likely a girl. We will know for certain as she develops. The one in the styro cup went through my 33 days in flowering lighting project and will likely show its sex soon.

  • Name: Feyleaf Lite
  • Subclass: Sativa Dominant
  • Mother Plant: Feyleaf-G:00/2022
  • Mother Plant SC: Sativa Dominant
  • Father Plant: Birthday Cake Lite
  • Father Plant SC: Hybrid Indica/Sativa - 50/50
Understand that my stats on these are really my best guesses based on what I could dig up about the original pures and a bit of simple maths (possibly too simple, who knows?) based on what I determined the progenitors were. The above stats can be adjusted as better information comes up.

First objective, of course, is to get one of each grown out, flowered, and harvested. After that, second objective is to get a Feyleaf-Generation:01 and noble breed a pair of Feyleaf Lites back to a pure, which will get a new name, since it will no longer be 100% Feyleaf. And for a third objective, I am hoping to finally try out a colloidal silver solution on at least one Feyleaf G:00 to make her self pollinate and make Feyleaf-G:01 feminized seeds, to be refered to as G:01(f) from here on out. I'm not going to try to self pollinate a Feyleaf Lite, I'll save the feminize a non-pure objective for a Wildling, most likely an original Wildling-00:2019.

And now we begin the first waiting period.

Date / Time: 2024-02-12 / 08:00

First two of each have sprouted: Feyleaf on the left and Feyleaf Lite on the right.
TTS (Time to Sprout): 45 Hours

Time: 20:00

Second and third Feyleaf have already sprouted.
TTS (Time to Sprout): 57 Hours

Date / Time: 2024-02-13 / 08:00

Second Feyleaf Lite has sprouted this morning.
TTS (Time to Sprout): 93 Hours

Date / Time: 2024-02-16 /07:00

And the third Feyleaf Lite sprouted this morning.
TTS: 144 hours

I reckon it is about time to get the first one planted and on the 14/10 flowering cycle, as well as get the three Feyleafs put in dirt too (again, the first on 14/10 and the other two on normal wakey to bedtime cycle.) Will take care of that around noon, when the stuff currently on 14/10 wakes up.

Time: 12:00

It is finally time to get some planting done. Got all three Feyleafs and the first 2 Feyleaf Lites ready for their cups of dirt.

The Feyleafs are the three up front, and the Lites are the two bringing up the rear.

The first two of each are starting out in the dark then will be on the 14D/10L flowering lighting schedule starting 10:00 tomorrow morning for a period of 10 days (or more, if I forget come the 26th.)

The others get to take spots atop the AC in my room in a south facing window for now, joining the Birthday Cake Lite and Bubblegum Lite that just finished their 10 days of 14/10.

Date / Time: 2024-02-19 / 16:20

Third Feyleaf Lite sprout is now planted.

Date / Time: 2024-02-23 / 14:00

Finally time to get FL Lite-S:00 into her 5 gallon bucket while she continues to reveg.

And she is pretty much set for the season. When the weather is nice enough, she will get plenty of outside time. Then around end of May or beginning of June, she will be permanently outside as if she was one of the mains being planted in the cage.

This also finally opens up the main grow journal for the season, RPCNGJ-2024:0.

Date / Time: 2024-02-26 / 14:00

The Feyleaf and Feyleaf Lite that started out on 14/10 flower cycle lighting are now off and are now on the veg cycle, wake up to bedtime.

Also, Feyleaf S:20 is also off 14/10 and on wake up to bedtime.

And now I know to watch this space the most for further developments.

Sadly, I also had a couple casualties.

If I remember right, these were the first Feyleaf and Feyleaf Lite pair to start out on 14/10. I have no idea what killed the Feyleaf, but the Lite had a tumble off its shelf last night, and the impact did it in, I am sure. That was all because of my stupidity and clumsiness when trying to rearrange everything that was huddled under that particular lamp, so I am now starting two of each as replacements.

In other news, I am engaging in another little experiment. I figured that after she reveges, that will still be a perfectly good bud that makes up her crown, and should possibly even be cured by then. I figure why not see if I can get the little flower knocked up as well? So, I took the bag of collected pollen and pollen sacs from Wildling-01/S:01/2023 and simply put the entire thing over her.

Whether or not I actually got any pollen on her, only time will tell. If so, she should give perhaps 2 seeds, I hope, which would be classed as Wildlings. If that happens, I will go ahead and get them started right away, and also make sure that come reflowering time, she will receive more Wildling-01 pollen to make more new Wildling seeds. They will likely be Wildling-01:2024, since the first seeds would be coming in long before any others I am predicting for the season; if this works the way I am hoping.

It is hard to tell if she got dusted, really. But, she does look a little dirty now.

Date / Time: 2024-02-29 / 08:00

The first replacement Feyleaf is now sprouted. I thought one of the Feyleaf Lites had as well, but after a second peek, saw no sign of the taproot, though the shell is a bit split at the seam. Probably tomorrow then.

TTS: 56 hours


And NOW the first Feyleaf Lite from the most recent starts has sprouted.

TTS: 62 hours

Date / Time: 2024-03-01 / 02:00

12 hours later, the second replacement Feyleaf and both replacement Feyleaf Lites have sprouted.

TTS: 74 hours

I will be planting both of the Feyleafs later today, which to me is still tomorrow because today remains today until after the sleep cycle.

Date / Time: 2024-03-24 / 16:20

All four (2x Feyleaf and 2x Feyleaf Lite) are ready for planting.

1 of each of course goes on flowering lighting (14D/10L) from 22:00 to 12:00 for 10 days.

The others go on normal veg lighting.

Date / Time: 2024-03-07 / 15:30

The Feyleaf formerly designated S:20 is now S:01 for this project. It's been in a Jiffy Pot resting atop a Not-a-Pringles cannister under a LED lamp for a while, after having been moved from the window.

It indeed looks like it has flowered at some point in the past 10 days since it came off of 14/10 lighting, and it is a boy. This is of course, a good thing, as I need one to breed with whatever the second Feyleaf girl will be in order to make Generation:01 Feyleafs.

It has since been planted, J-Pot and all into a 1 gallon planter as it does the reveg and tries to get healthy again. The top leaves got too close to the light and ended up scorched, so I snipped those. Now hopefully we have some warm days coming up so he can get some quality porch time during the day.

And of course, you can always feel free to send an email my way with questions, suggestions, or whatever.

And remember; be excellent to each other, and party on!

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