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This journal features seeds from my first successful grow, which I call Wildling-00:2019, what we can call the Feyleaf Progenitor even. I had started this elsewhere, and am just now bringing it to 420 Ravenplume Lane, so everything to be initially posted is date and time stamped as they were when I started documenting this one.

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Date / Time: 2024-02-15 / 16:20

Just recently realized I have no active Wildling-00/2019s for the season. So figure this is as good a time as any to get cracking on these.

This is the result of my first truly successful grow, which produced an imperial buttload of seeds, as I intended. Back in 2018, I purchased an ounce of Tardis and an ounce of Sour Banana Sherbert at my favorite dispensary. I found an opportinity seed in each one, which I grew on the 2019 grow. I called them Tardis Lite and Sour Banana Sherbert Lite, since there was no way of knowing what mutts pollinated the flowers that made the seeds. I now call unknowns, or even extremely uncertains now mutts, and offspring of a pure and anything other than its own sibling, a Lite.

So anyway, the Tardis Lite ended up being female and the Sour Banana Sherbert Lite ended up being male. We then carefully collected pollen from the SBS-Lite and hand pollinated quite a number of flowers on the Tardis Lite, which gave us the mass of seeds shown above. These, being the offspring of a pair of non-sibling Lites became what I call a Wildling, my first (and an amazing stroke of luck for my first real grow as well). So these are now known as Ravenplume Wildling-00/2019 (First Wildling...I start my numbering at 0; and generated 2019.) Had a fairly decent 2020 grow with 3 plants, and if I remember right, all three were what I call guttersnipes, which are simply plants growing wild, whether known strain or not. Those have been retroactively declared Guttersnipe:00, 01, and 02. Got a Guttersnipe:03 last year, but that is for its own journal. Only had one of these on the 2021 grow, and it was a fairly small one (Bitter Sweet Pie was my other that year). Still, the 2021 W:00/2019 made a decent amount of bud (though I don't recall how much), and a single self pollinated seed that sprouted, tried to grow, and died.

2022 was the big event for Wildling-00 though. I pollinated 2 sibling seeds together, meeting what I understood as the requirement to declare a pure strain and a name and claim. And those produced Feyleaf-Generation:00/2022, which then went on to immediately give Feyleaf Lite:2023. But that, once again, it its own journal.

The objectives will differ slightly from other journals on this one. I am only doing three seeds, and of course, the first girl gets to be the primary, which will be planted in a 5 gallon bucket and become part of my main grow to be journaled in the upcoming CNX-2024:0. Second girl will get the colloidal silver solution to self pollinate and make feminized seeds. I do believe this is another path to a name and claim, as self pollinating is the ultimate go eff yourself which is required for a pure breed; a process I prefer to call noble breeding, which is a much nicer sounding way of what it is normally called. If I get a third girl, then I guess I grow her out as normal in a 5 gallon bucket as well. Any boys will get their pollen saved to be used for future acts of mad half-assed science. So here we got our three subjects drenched on their germination towel, sharing it with a few other things. Had no idea the Moonflower seeds would be so huge. Expected them to be like morning glory seeds; but I digress...

Here are the vitals as best as I can determine on these...

Name: Wildling-00/2019
Subclass: Sativa Dominant
Mother Plant: Tardis Lite:2018
Mother Plant SC: Sativa
Father Plant: Sour Banana Sherbert Lite:2018
Father Plant SC: Indica/Sativa Hybrid - 50/50

And again, the waiting begins. Next round of Wildling-00/2019 I start will be for this year's 4/20 Challenge. Decided to continue this little personal tradition despite last year's total failure. That will commence on 4/16 or 4/17, and will be its own little journal.

Date / Time: 2024-02-17 / 07:30

Both have sprouted now, and looks like it is about time to get those radishes planted. May or may not get to that today.
TTS: 35 hours

Date / Time: 2024-02-19 / 07:30

the third Wildling:00 has sprouted.
TTS: 83 Hours

Date / Time: 2024-02-21 / 14:30

The first two Wildling-00 seeds got planted.

One got a Jiffy Pot and the other went into a styro cup.

The sprout in the Jiffy Pot gets to grow and develop under the neat little USB mini grow lamp I found at the Salvation Army earlier in the week, while the other gets to go in the drawer to begin its life in the flowering cycle 10 to 14 days.

Date / Time: 2024-02-22 / 10:30

Third Wildling-00 is ready.

It gets a styro cup.

And then it gets to chill out up here in the growing cluster of plants on my photo stage for now.

Date / Time: 2024-03-02 / 10:00

The Wildling:00 that started out in flowering lighting is now off the flowering cycle and on to veg. Quite frankly, I do not think this one is going to survive to planting. It is feeling rather limp already too. Putting it close to a floro lamp for now and see if it starts reaching for the light.

Date / Time: 2024-03-04 / 15:45

As predicted, The Wildling:00 that just came off flowering lighting died. I suspect the culprit was the potting type soil just wasn't right for it. Not right nutrients, too loose? Who knows? Going to try to use mostly yard dirt from now on, though some of this type of stuff CAN be mixed in, just not all of it. Not going to start a replacement just yet. In fact, not doing any starts until the Seedsman Purple Ghost Candy seeds get here and started.

And of course, you can always feel free to send an email my way with questions, suggestions, or whatever.

And remember; be excellent to each other, and party on!

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