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     Well, when I retired from the military as well as the general rat race, I barely suspected that I would do the almost cliched thing and take up gardening as one of my little hobbies. But after we lucked into home ownership in the Eastern Oregon town where we grew up, we have started at least experimenting with different things to grow and cultivate. So, I would not call this a garden yet, but after tossing stuff out there over the past half decade since we moved back here, I think that we can legitimately claim to have a garden next year, and are formulating a plan as we go along how the front and back yards will be set up next year.

     So far, we have had promising success with sunflowers, tomatoes (of course), bell peppers (also of course), cannabis, chives, scallions, and leeks. We also have successfully germinated an avacado seed and now have a young tree growing in the kitchen, plus the ever prevalent spider plants. Some of the things we are growing are not involving enough to really do anything like a major feature here, though they will have their own just in case. The leeks, chives, and scallions will be in one section, called Onionkin, and the peppers and tomatoes will be filed under Nightshade. Thus far, in our experiments, there are three that will be featured majorly here: sunflowers, cannabis, and the wild rose bush out in the front yard. The other stuff will get their pages updated when and if anything interesting concerning them comes up.

     Here is an overview of what we have been doing this past Summer. Next year, I will be documenting and showing much more of this stuff early on and sharing our works as they develop, and may even have a few time lapse videos to show off for major projects and grows.

     The garden here is going to be the starting point for my Noobs Helping Noobs concept, in which, I as a general noob concerning a lot of interests and hobbies will be sharing my own learning and insights in hopes other noobs can benefit and share themselves as you all learn and grow along with me. Because remember, no matter how experienced and knowledgeable you may be, you can always pick up and learn new things if you maintain that beginner's mindset. And mark my words, for at least two of the three major features here, there is still plenty to learn and discover.

     So, why am I suddenly into gardening and growing? Well, I have realized that there is something extremely satisfying about the entire process of creating, nurturing, and cultivating living things, and learning new stuff in the process. Looking at the sunflowers that are entering their final stages for the season, or the cannabis plants with their buds ripening and seeds developing for future projects, or the peppers going from green to yellow to orange or red; I just can't help but smile at the thought that our labors made this, something to add to the planet's beauty as well as be useful to us, friends and family, and the local critters even. And this year was mostly half assed efforts by and large (next year, instead of half assed, we will make a better effort to use both cheeks instead). I am already imagining how the next season will go, and thinking about how we are going to get stuff ready in advance over the winter for next year's projects. It should be even better and prettier next season.

     We are now closing in on the end of October; and with the three consecutive overnight freezes we had last week, everything has been harvested, other than a few tomatoes that were still all green and would not be ripening any further. Instead of doing a bunch of videos on each project, I am just going to do the big wrap up on everything here, though there is more material coming for the sunflowers, cannabis, avacados, and even a small final on the peppers, though the last will mostly be photo. Not positive yet.

     So although I did not have much to show here this year, here is the first wrap up video, the 2020 End of Season presentation.

So, which garden path do you wish to explore?

Operation Ass for Grass

We are in the process of working our asses off to get the front and rear lawns regrown. This section will be open once there is something to show.

Operation Ass for Grass Sonnenblume

Sonnenblume Lane

Sunflowers, we just discovered them this past Summer, and are now very enthralled with them to the point that I want to try breeding them myself.

Friendly Nightshades

This is where anything worth sharing concerning bell peppers and tomatoes will be posted.

Peppers and Maters Leeks, Scallions, and Onions

The Onionkin

I am not expecting too much content here concerning the leeks, chives, and scallions that we are growing here are just onions, when you come right down to it. Still, you never know when I may have something to show here... You never know.

420 Ravenplume Lane

Here is the "secret" garden, where the cannabis grows, and matters related to the wacky weed are shared.

420 Ravenplume Lane Our Wild Irish Rose


This is all for the wild rose bush that has been here since before I had this house and even before my little brother and his family owned the place.

So far, I am not sure what I might do with her, but Cleo has drawn my interests, and I do want to learn howto tend to her, pretty her up, and perhaps even strive to turn her into one of these cliched prize winning rose bushes that you hear about everywhere else.

As Yet Unnamed Pet Avacado Tree

We were pleasantly surprised when we finally managed to germinate a seed from an avacado purchased at Grocery Outlet. Updates on this and other avacados we are trying to germinate and grow will go here of course.

Pet Avacado The Spider Web

A Web of Green

This could become a further interest at any time, so may as well give the spider plants their own section.

And of course, you can always feel free to send an email my way with questions, suggestions, or whatever.

And remember; be excellent to each other, and party on!

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