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The Raven's Nest : A Little Bit About Ravenplume

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     So, who is this Ravenplume fellow and why are you bothering visiting my site? Well, first, let me say thank you for checking me out after finding my little nest here. A web site is nothing without viewers (and hopefully eventually regular fans for a variety of topics.) As for who I am? Well, I am really no one of any significance, and should in no way be considered an authority on anything. I am nothing more than some middle age bloke (aka over 50) who has reached a plateau called Comfortably Ever After, and am succumbing to the natural urge to share whatever useful stuff I may have gleaned over the past half century or more, aka sharing assorted interests I have developed.

     I was born in January 1968, the day LBJ had exactly one year left in office. And I think that could be considered the Winter of the Summer of Love, for what such is worth. From as young as I can recall being aware, I reckon that would be around 3, since that was my first solid memories; having only very brief fragmented memories of the time before that, I was always an underachiever, and other some traditional religious indoctrination common of the time, I never really excelled at anything and had very little support among family and friends for any interests that could have taken hold and turned into something meaningful.

     Being left to my own devices though, I pretty much became a typical Generation X kid; not latch key specifically, but still just put out there to figure things out for myself. I have no hard feelings about that. As everything that has transpired has led to where I am right now. And right now, I am rather content with how things are shaping up; single and untouched, no kids, have my own home, little debt, healthy, for the most part retired from the general rat race and punching my own meal ticket with a modest but sustainable income from whatever I want to do, and sharing a life with my best friend for over 4 decades; who can also claim most of the above attributes (other than owning the house).

     Now considering anything else about me is going to be "revealed" over the course of this page's growth and development, I will cut this short here with simply the secret of the universe, the secret to a good, happy, and awesome life; the Preston and Logan schools of philosophy...

Be excellent to each other, and party on!

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