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Hi there! I see you have found
The Raven's Nest,
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     I am hoping that as this site develops, by the grace of the seemingly pretty easy going folks hosting Neocities here, that I can present a quaint little personal web site in the spirit of the early days of the World Wide Web, in all its cheesy and cringeworthy goodness and simplicity.

     For this particular page, the focus will be on retro gaming and computing, some modern techie stuff, and gardening (both cannabis and normal veggies). I am also, of course, going to always be trying to sell you stuff from my eCrater stores. Plus, there will be a section for good old fashioned link exchanges (and I am hoping to be involved in several different old school web rings.) There may also be paid links and promos as well, just warning in advance. I figure that if someone wants to pay me to plug their sites in the appropriate areas, why not? I will never take action or attempt to take action against anyone wanting to view this page with ad and script blocking. More on those policies later and elsewhere.

What do you want to see?

About Ravenplume
Just a little bit of background about me of course

The Show Room
Where I will try to sell you stuff

Retro Rookery
For Vintage gaming and computing articles
Approximately 20 years or older

The Tech Nest
for articles and discussion on more modern stuff.

The Raven's Garden
Gardening of course, to include cannabis

The Awesome Generation
Generation X, my generation,
which did some pretty cool stuff.
This is articles and thoughts
about this forgotten generation
nestled in between Boomers
and the Millenials

Just a traditional live journal,
blogging the old fashioned way

The Aviary
Everything for the birds,
Yeppers. I am a bird watcher too.

My World
Just a peek into what this town and county are
all about. Really nice place to be right now.

The Raven's Quill Guest Book
Yes, a guest book is mandatory here.
Please sign, and thank you.

Link Exchanges
Pretty self explanatory. You support me with linking or moola, I will support you.

What Is New?
Essentially, everything in the past couple weeks added and shown here, aka the changelog.

And of course, you can always feel free to send an email my way with questions, suggestions, or whatever.

And remember; be excellent to each other, and party on!

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